Students Affected by the Conflict in Europe

Emotional and medical support available to those affected by the conflict in Europe

News of this ongoing conflict can cause psychological and physical health challenges related to stress and anxiety. You may be worried about family and friends, personal safety, financial and travel issues, and other matters.

If you are struggling with your mental or physical health because of these evolving events, and need emotional or medical support, International Insurance has programs and services specifically designed to help you.

Our focus is on helping all of those affected by this crisis. We understand that this news has negatively affected people in various ways, directly and indirectly, and will continue to do so as this conflict continues.

Maintaining your overall health and success’s keep.meSAFE Mental Wellness Support ProgramOpens a new window and’s mobileDOCTOROpens a new window telemedicine service are part of guard.meCARES suite of programs for mental health and wellness.

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keep.meSAFE helps students and faculty manage their mental health and fully participate in academic life by promoting early intervention for mental health support.

24/7 Ukraine support lines brought to you by keep.meSAFE:



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How keep.meSAFE can help you

  • ✔  Free and confidential service
  • ✔  Unlimited, around-the-clock support from anywhere in the world

Making your life easier

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In the event that you are experiencing physical symptoms as a result of stress and anxiety, mobileDOCTOR by can offer you a better solution than going to a walk-in clinic or hospital.

mobileDOCTOR allows you to connect with Canadian doctors on your phone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere. You can access this service 24/7 to get your diagnosis and a prescription.

Signing up is easy. You can create an account in three quick steps:

  1. Go to a new window
  2. Enter your policy number
  3. Register for your account

For more information, please click hereOpens a new window.

As this dreadful and shocking situation unfolds in Ukraine, is here to support your emotional and medical needs and help keep you safe, healthy, and focused on what matters most to you.

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