COVID-19 Update

The following information is the latest available from the Government of Canada. Those students travelling to or from Canada must check the COVID-19 guidelines for their destination.

Travelling to Canada

The Government of Canada has ended all its federal border requirements for testing, quarantine and isolation. What this means is you can now travel to Canada without showing proof of vaccination or using the ArriveCAN app.

In particular:

Important Information for Insured Students in Canada

If your policy is valid, you are still covered for all medically necessary treatment for new and emergent conditions, including COVID-19. You can check the dates of your coverage on your Healthcare Access Card.

If your policy is going to expire, and your academic institution is unable to extend your current policy, you can purchase insurance through the institution’s microsite or www.guard.meOpens a new window.

If you arrived early and are waiting for classes to start, you may be eligible to purchase early arrival insurance through the institution's microsite or www.guard.meOpens a new window.

Important Information for Insured Students Travelling from Canada (Outbound) Global A, Global B, Global Annual

Those students travelling from Canada should review all travel advisories for your destination. a new window

The Public Health Agency of Canada is advising travellers to practice enhanced caution when travelling internationally, but no longer requires that you be fully vaccinated prior to departure. However, they still recommend that if you are eligible for a vaccine and have not been fully vaccinated, you delay departure until you have received a full course of a vaccine. Keep in mind that to be eligible for coverage under a policy, you must be fully vaccinated. a new window

is recommending that its insured travelers supplement their policy with the addition of the COVID-19 Quarantine Coverage Rider. Contact us for more information.

Travelling under the Excursion Benefit

You may travel outside of Canada as per your policy Excursion benefit wording. Refer to your policy for specific Terms and Conditions related to Excursion coverage. The Government of Canada Travel Advisory ratings provide important guidance to travelers preparing for travel and while at your destination. a new window

For more information about your policy and COVID-19, call 1-905-752-6230, toll-free 1-877-873-8447 or email

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